Social Pragmatic 支持 Services

Our social pragmatic support is designed to help neurodiverse students transition to college, 接触社会, and manage the challenges of relational interactions. While many student we work with are autistic, social pragmatics benefits all students.

什么是社会语用学? Basically, social pragmatics is what we say and how we say it. The Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the University of Indiana Bloomington describes social pragmatics as a cake. “The cake is the whole or gestalt that represents the combination of many ingredients. No one ingredient is representative of the edible item that we call a “cake....” In order to communicate an appropriate message in a given situation, many ingredients have to mesh in an 瞬时 时尚.” Among these ingredients are non-verbal cues, verbal and non-verbal messaging, 表达清晰, 和韵律.

Landmark College将为学生开发和完善社会实用服务和项目作为优先事项, 进步, 和以学生为中心. We focus our programming in four areas: 准备, 指令, 订婚, and 支持 (See tabs below for more information on each of these).

For more information, please contact:

Michaelene “Mickey” Cronin主任 of Social Pragmatics

对于学习方式不同的学生来说,亚洲博彩平台排名一个更好的选择,其中一个原因是我们不断努力为来到学院的各种各样的学习者提供正确的支持. 本着这种精神, 我们已经开发了一个早期的方向,专为学生谁需要延长支持过渡到大学.


The schedule for enhanced orientation consists of the following:

  • 原有状态的采访-你和你的家人将有机会参加社会语用学团队成员的全面面试. These interviews will serve as the basis for how we work with you when you arrive. Students and parents will be contacted separately to schedule a meeting. Parent interviews are usually an hour, student meetings tend to be briefer. We start setting up interviews after June 1, 2024. Students have the option of continuing regular check-ins until arrival.
  • Specialized Roommate Selection-您将收到额外的审查,以确定适当和有效的住房和室友分配. We don't always hit a home run, but based on the information we receive, we try to make the best possible roommate matches.
  • Educational Planning Process-您将与咨询团队的一名成员参加在线会议,讨论您的教育和个人目标. 这种以人为本的规划过程也将帮助我们更好地了解您,从而更好地为您提供支持. 该过程的图形图表将提供给学生和顾问全年参考.
  • Peer Group Development (Students)—You will be invited to online social groups starting July 8, 2024. 这将有助于建立一个安全舒适的同伴团体,因为你准备好了完整的迎新课程和学期. These groups continue until arrival on campus. The groups are a mix of social and informational about life on campus. Students can choose the activity/groups that they want to attend. Students are notified of these activities via their Landmark e-mail accounts.
  • 家长工作坊,Parents are invited to attend evening online workshops during the academic semester. We will be reviewing social pragmatic programming, including 同行®, workshops, activities, and social coaching. 研讨会 are scheduled Tuesday evenings from 6pm-7pm ET. The 会话 are recorded. 早期的取向 会话 for parents will take place on Tuesday, 6月25日, 7月22日, 8月13日.
  • Priority Application to 同行®—Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (同行®) is weekly evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated students, 谁有兴趣学习结交和保持朋友以及发展浪漫关系的技巧. During each group session, 学生们被教授重要的人际关系技能,并有机会练习这些技能. Academic Advisors will enroll students in 同行® during course registration.
  • Early Arrival, (Registration and Move-in)—Students arrive on campus Wednesday, 8月21日, 2024—one day prior to the arrival of the new student cohort. Students will complete the check-in process and have time to settle into their dorm. Social activities are scheduled for students. Parents are invited to participate in afternoon workshops. 学生和家庭将有机会在一天内与社会务实的工作人员登记. 周四, 学生和家长将与其他新生及其家人一起参加新生迎新活动.


Program for the Education and Enrichment of Relational Skills (同行®) is a weekly evidence-based social skills intervention for motivated students, who are interested in learning skills to make and keep friends. During each group session, 学生们被教授重要的社交技能,并有机会练习这些技能. 同行® is a semester long program. 学生参加同行® during course registration with their academic advisor.  Already Registered for classes? 没有问题. Just let your academic advisor know you want to include 同行® 在你的课程安排中. 

什么设置了同行® program apart is its foundation in evidence-based practices. The concrete skills help you make and keep friends with people you want to be friends with, and/or date people you want to date. 了解更多信息请点击 点击这里. 同行® is not intended to be a friendship-matching group. Rather, it's a program in which you will learn skills to help you make friends. 然而,你小组中的一些人可能会因为共同的经历而成为你的朋友. 

Many of our students feel like they already possess the skills presented in the 同行® 会话. 为你, 这些以讨论为基础的课程的价值在于在不同的情况下和不同的人一起练习这些技能. Through that sharing of knowledge, 你可以教其他学生一些新的东西,并可能学到一些东西,这将帮助你感到更加自信. 


Many students completing 同行® enjoy the opportunity to get together with a group of 同行® graduates to practice the Behavioral Rehersals, 扮演游戏, and get togethers they experienced during the 同行® 会话. 此组用于同行® graduates only and is led by a certified 同行® 教练. 学生回顾同龄人® rules and steps and practice the specific skills. Participation in this group does not require registration. 


这个每周一次的以讨论为中心的小组专注于人际关系中更微妙的方面. Topics include but are not limited to: Boundaries, 同意, Mental and Physical Wellness, 信任与安全. 健康的人际关系是由神经多样化的社会语用学工作人员在校园和网上主持的. During the semester, topics may change depending on the interests of the student participants. 


During the Spring semester, as students prepare for 夏天 jobs and internships, 我们与职业生涯的连接合作,提供一系列关于职场行为的讨论和指导课程. 话题包括与同事的互动、外表、非正式期望、电话使用等. 


基于同行® 会话 for Young Adults on dating and romantic relationships. These Sessions include "How to Tell Someone You Like Them," "Asking Someone on a Date,“去约会。,“约会的注意事项。." We offer these 会话 seperate from the 同行® series as our experience has been that many of the 同行® students are not interested in dating, especially during their first semester on campus, but are seeking this instruction later in their Landmark Career. 

Social Pragmatics offers staff-supported activities online as well as on and off-campus. All Social Pragmatics-sponsored activities are open to all college students. 这些活动包括周四和周六的旅行和活动,以及每周的混合(在线和校园)活动. Thursday trips take place after dinner to local Keene, NH or Brattleboro, VT venues. Monthly we offer a Thursday activity on-campus and free of charge. Saturday trips are day-long excursions. In 2023 these included the Vermont Institute for Natural Science, MassMOCA, the Basketball Hall of Fame, and the Smith College Botanical Gardens.


On-campus students are welcome to join the Social Pragmatics table in the 校友 餐厅 Hall. The table welcomes anyone interested in sitting with the group for lunch or dinner, 周一至周五. The table is facilitated by Social Pragmatics professional staff and student employees. 这是学生练习会话技巧和了解其他同学的好地方.


We encourage students to get engaged through service activities and employment. Social Pragmatics offers student employment as 同行® Assistants (supporting the 教练s), 餐桌主人, Event and Activity 支持, Coffee Shop hosts (Davis Hall), and Game Night and discussion group hosts.


Social coaching is included for all students enrolled in 同行® (同行001/003). 在完成peer课程后,学生可以选择在Landmark College继续与他们的社会教练一起工作® 会话. Social coaching includes reviewing the steps and rules of the weekly 同行® session, practicing the 同行® 行为排练, making a plan to engage in campus activities, and reviewing any challenges that impeded the student from completing the 同行® 家庭作业.

Students not in the 同行® 管理情境社交挑战的项目可以根据可用性要求与社交教练会面.


艾萨克·阿拉姆, Assistant Director of 社会指导

托马斯Kuzma, Assistant Director of 在线课程 and 支持

黛比海沃德, Social Pragmatics Programming Assistant


Frequently Asked Questions

  • 什么设置了同行® program apart is its foundation in evidence-based practices. 具体的技能可以帮助你与你真正想成为朋友的人交朋友并保持友谊, and/or date people you actually want to date. 了解更多信息请点击 点击这里.

  • 不一定. 同行® is not intended to be a friendship-matching group. Rather, it’s a program in which you will learn skills to help you make friends. 然而, 你小组中的一些人可能会因为共同的经历而成为你的朋友.

  • In order for the program to be effective, 重要的是和那些让你感到舒服的人一起工作,他们也会让你感到舒服. We take that into account when we work to place students with accepting peers.

  • Many of our students feel like they already possess these skills. 为你, 这些以讨论为基础的课程的价值在于在不同的情况下和不同的人一起练习这些技能. Through that sharing of knowledge, 你可以教其他学生一些新的东西,可能学到一些东西,这将帮助你感到更加自信.

  • No one is required to take part in a 同行®. 重要的是,为了让这个项目为你工作,你选择参加这个项目是很重要的. If making friends or dating is important to you, 然而, and you have found those things challenging in the past, 同行® 可能会有帮助. Most students who try 同行® 选择坚持下去.

  • 是的! 学生可以尝试同龄人® for a few weeks before making a decision to stay in the program. Once you do decide to do 同行®, we do ask that you attend regularly.

  • 同行® is a semester-long program.

  • The recommended group size is between 10 – 12 students per group. Each semester we typically offer 4 – 5 同行® 会话.

  • Our dating boot camp works with students on the following:

    • Letting someone know you like them
    • 邀请某人约会
    • 约会该做什么和不该做什么
    • 约会
    • 如何解决冲突
  • “没有同龄人®, 我不认为加文的过渡会如此顺利或成功——如此不担心——他也不会瞥见在非流行病时期大学生活是多么令人兴奋和丰富. I’m not sure how excited he would have been to continue if not for 同行® 为他打开了一扇窗,让他进入伟大的探索、体验和关系冒险,这就是大学生活.”


  • “同行® has been a real life changer for me. 成长的过程中, 我一直在努力交朋友,以及当它涉及到我的家庭以外的社交活动. 但在加入同行之后® 我不仅获得了社交技能,我终于开始获得我可以依靠的朋友!”



    “我认为这是对等的® 给了我很多语言和概念性的想法来标记我正在积极经历的互动, 让我以新的方式重新构建它们,让我更好地驾驭和理解我所遇到的情况.”

    -Gabrian R.西点军校,弗吉尼亚州